Releasing live album in 5 days: Nadja at Incubate Festival

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How we remotely took part in a live festival

8Merch was invited by one of our long-time clients, Consouling Sounds, to participate in a very special project. At first glance, it seemed extremely challenging, but actually “challenge” is one of our favourite words, so we enthusiastically jumped on that occasion and joined this mission impossible.

The idea was to record a live set during a festival and then release the recording on a LP+CD bundle before that festival ended. Interesting? Yes. Doable? Another yes.

The whole project was a multi-partner one. We were particularly responsible for pressing a CD, housing it in a wallet and delivering to the festival site. 350 copies of it. We had like 48 hours to make it. And we made that. But, let’s start from the beginning…

The festival we are talking about is Incubate, taking place in Tilburg, The Netherlands. This year (2014) it was held between 15th and 21st September. Our friends at Consouling Sounds opened a real pop-up store on the festival site, in which they organized special live performances and of course merchandise sales.


During the festival, there was a Nadja (Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff improvisational / doom / drone / post-rock / ambient duo) live performance, which actually was the performance that was recorded for a soon-to-be-released album:

incu2014_1 incu2014_4

How we committed to disc pressing

Before the end of the same day (15th September) the mixed files were sent to a NY-based studio for mastering. On the next day in the afternoon we at 8Merch received the master for CD replication and at the same time, Record Industry got their for LP pressing. So, the manufacturing started on both front lines. This is how it looked on our side:


No more than 24 hours later, we were already packing the freshly-replicated Nadja live CD for the express shipment to Tilburg. Another 24h later they arrived safe and sound at the Consouling mobile store at Incubate festival site. We got the CDs delivered onThursday, 18th August – with nearly 2 days ahead of an official release date, which commenced on Saturday, 20th September:


How we were enthusiastic about it

The crazy-at-first Incubate-Consouling project was actually one of the best were involved in. 5 days of this Dutch festival to record, mix, master, manufacture and release the live album proved we are able to co-operate internationally with a number of companies, each responsible for a different stage of the whole production, perform our part end-to-end and deliver the final product on a tight schedule. Projects like this and people like these, make us really believe in uniqueness, integrity and extreme professionalism of the independent music industry. And we are super proud to be part of it.

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