David Duchovny teams up with 8Merch for the exclusive European pressing of his album

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At 8Merch, we not only work with long-running music labels and established independent bands. Every now and then we are lucky to work with A-list celebrities, who embark on new artistic paths. One of the recent projects like this, was the exclusive European pressing of a debut solo album from Hollywood actor David Duchovny (best known for his iconic characters in X-Files and Californication TV series).

David released his first album, “Hell or Highwater”, in 2015. However, the first international tour commenced in May 2016, which spanned 11 European cities in United Kingdom, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and Austria.

It was particularly this tour which required a special pressing of “Hell or Highwater” on CD to be sold exclusively at the concerts. We were in charge of this project end-to-end, from pre-production, actual pressing, printing & assembling to delivering the CDs to the venues, in line with the deadlines.

“Working with 8Merch for my first international tour was a pleasure. The fans really enjoyed the exclusive pressing of Hell or Highwater”, says David.

The product itself comes in a classic jewel box packaging, with lavish 20-page booklet on high quality glossy paper.

PS. Thanks to Kerry Lee and Justin Collier.

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