Recycled kraft paper for digipacks and vinyl record sleeves

By admin|June 18, 2016|Extra Features|0 comments

For our standard products we use high quality white 300g and 350g card stock to make compact disc packaging, including digipacks, digisleeves, slipcases and vinyl record sleeves & gatefolds.

However, this standard material can be replaced with a lot of special paper stocks to make your release stand out from the crowd. One of the most popular ones is recycled kraft 350g card stock. If coupled with the appropriate artwork, it may produce really beautiful results.

We are able to replace standard white cardboard with the brown recycled one in almost every product from our broad portfolio. We’ll gladly quote your project, in case you are interested in such a stylish packaging.

Check out some of the products we made with this material. Here is the limited edition of 4-panel digipack with additional white print:

While here is the example of ascetic 6-panel digipack with black print:

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