The number of merchandising possibilities of this section is pretty amazing. The portfolio of various apparel items we print on boasts more than 20 000 products – from classic T-Shirts to sweatshirts & hoodies to beanies & bags. We stock many international brands, including Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, B&C, Anvil, Mantis, Russell, Sol’s, SG, Bella + Canvas, Stedman and hundreds more.

We use our screen printing devices in the most cases, however other printing techniques are also available, depending on the client’s needs and project requirements. Thanks to the fact that we have both manual and automatic machinery, we can print a very limited run of t-shirts with 1 screen printed colour or a massive amount of them with multi-colour artwork.



The famous T in all its glory. From classic crew-neck to slim fit to tank top. We have the whole range of models and sizes and hundreds of fabric colours. To satisfy the needs of clients of all sizes we are able to offer high quality screen printing for orders as low as only 20 t-shirts! When it comes to the maximum quantity the sky is the limit.

No matter if you are looking for a small run for your pre-order bundle package to be fulfilled via webshop or going on a world tour where you need multiple designs and fabric colours to be drop shipped to a number of venus, we have it covered.

Meticulously designed and carefully crafted, t-shirts for girls and women are really something. The variety of styles, fabrics and colours would definitely appeal to even the most demanding fashion lovers. The pretty t-shirts themselves are only one part of the trendy outfit, the best part comes with full colour screen printing we can apply to these babes.

Limited only by your imagination, you are one step away from creating a mind-blowing piece of art that would look just lovely on a female body. It may be your album artwork, label logo or any other artwork that promotes your brand.



You can choose from sweatshirts in all possible configurations – standard, zipped, hooded, v-neck, zip neck and many more. The same goes for jackets, softshells and other outerwear. The selection of available brands and colours is also overwhelming.



Headwear for men, women and kids. For all seasons. What is more, we can have them decorated with printed or embroidered artwork.



Multiple sizes of tote bags with short and long arms as well as more sophisticated items.