Making of “Deathgeneration”: 25-year anniversay box set for Avulsed [Part 3]

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We made it! The whole boxset and all its contents are now made and assembled. This mammoth release is absolutely stunning. It’s been an extremely challenging task, but since these are the ones we really like, it has been a great pleasure working on it from scratch to this beautiful final result. Vinyls are pressed, CDs are replicated, tapes are duplicated, t-shirts are printed, goodies are manufactured, everything is printed

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Making of “Deathgeneration”: 25-year anniversay box set for Avulsed [Part 1]

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We have teamed up with Spanish legends of gore metal, Avulsed, to manufacture the massive release of “Deathgeneration”. To celebrate 25 years on the scene, the band decided to release career-spanning double album containing 18 songs in new arrangements and featuring a mind-blowing number of guest vocalists from Vader, Napalm Death, At The Gates, Aborted, Demilich, Autopsy, God Macabre, Pentagram, Massacre, Paganizer, Sinister, Incantation, Purtenance, Mortician, Supuration, Interment and Deteriorot.

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Decameron – Ten Days in 100 Nouvellas – Part III: 4xCD + booklet in jewel box

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It’s quite classic, yet super beautiful package for a special release. It holds 4 CDs (each on a separate transparent tray) and lavish 64-page booklet. We made it for the Finnish imprint Seacrest and the album features tracks from 35 artists spanning over 4 hours! It’s already a third installment in the series of “Decameron”. Check out the full gallery here:

Solstice – Blood Fire Doom: deluxe rigid slipcase box with 3 CDs and book

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This deluxe and extensive product we made for the cult UK doom metal band, Solstice, comprises of: three audio compact discs housed in classic jewel boxes 100-page documentary book on high quality glossy paper thick rigid slipcase box which holds all CDs and the book It’s entitled “Blood Fire Doom” and was released on Greek label No Remorse Records. Check out the full gallery of pictures from this massive release: