We believe in marriage of physical and digital. We think that the best things come out when they are not limited by any constraints of the format or sales channel, but only by your imagination. That is why, we not only offer you a really mind-blowing range of physical media – compact discs, vinyl records, audio cassettes and merch – but also easy-to-use solutions from the digital world, which is now an equally important dimension of the music market.

We give you tools to sell your products directly to your fans. They include our own shopping cart with beautiful storefront and worldwide digital distribution services, thanks to which you can present your music to millions of users of mp3 stores and streaming services. We know there are a lot of similar solutions on the market, but we are pretty sure we have them outlined in the simplest and most efficient way. Check them out.



We have developed our own e-commerce platform, called 8Merch Direct-2-Fan, designed specifically for small shops and dedicated exclusively to indie labels, bands, managements, booking agencies and such. The engine fully supports the on-line sales of both physical media & merch as well as digital files (in the pay-what-you-want option, as well).

The shop owners can also seamlessly integrate their shops with social media accounts and automatically display data from YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Discogs, Songkick and many more, thus building one rich music profile. The shop front-end is easily customizable with our WYSWIG editor, thanks to which you can change the look & feel of the shop in minutes – the feature that is frequently used to coincide with the new release or tour.

The best part of our e-commerce platform is that it is completely FREE to use. That’s right. No fees, no charges. We will not bill you for setting it up. We will not bill you for the sales you made through your 8Merch webshop. You just register, configure and customize your webshop and you are ready to go!

Create your account now: 8Merch Direct2Fan.



We made that part really easy for all bands and labels. We distribute digital music to hundreds of shops, outlets and streaming services in the world, including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, rDio, Google Music, Deezer, Amazon MP3. We DO NOT charge any upfront, monthly, quarterly nor annual fees. We take only a mere 10% fee of what has been sold / streamed and that’s it! There are no other hidden charges, no conditions and no thresholds. As simple as that.

The release submission is easy as ABC, all you need to do is create an account with us (or if you already have account we set up for your manufacturing job, you can just log in with the same credentials), fill in the release details form, upload your audio files and front cover artwork and you are ready to go!

Submit your digital release now: 8Merch Digital Distribution.