Artwork Preparation Guideline

What kind of compliance check does 8Merch perform?

  1. product type, files dimensions, number of booklet pages
  2. bleed (at least 2mm), safety margin – bleed is a part of artwork exceeding the cut line, which guarantees that final artwork has no white space on the edges. Applying bleed is obligatory when preparing artwork. Important elements of artwork (like text or barcode) must be located at a safe distance from the cut line.
  3. total ink coverage – maximum of 350%
  4. fonts, vectors, barcode – certain elements, especially small and detailed ones should be prepared as vectors. Thanks to this, they will maintain high quality in print and will be, for example, readible by a barcode scanner.

Colour preparation

  1. CMYK – all print-ready files must be prepared in CMYK. RGB files are automatically converted to CMYK, which may result in colour discrapancies in print.
  2. deep black – 30C 30M 30Y 100K – using this CMYK setting will result in the best black colour in print
  3. font size – minimum 8pkt is the mostly recommended size. When text is in vectors, the black colour should have 0C 0M 0Y 100K.
  4. barcode – similar to the above, should have 0C 0M 0Y 100K.

Content layout

  1. bleed: at least 2mm
  2. safety margin – at least 3mm

Note: bleed and safety margin are applied in order to achieve total print coverage and leave important elements (like text, logo, etc) intact.

Fonts and vectors

  1. turning fonts to vectors – it should be done before saving artwork as .PDF file.
  2. saving small elements (logo, text, barcode) as vectors – it guarantees high quality print

Accepted fie formats

  1. PDF
  2. JPG (min. 300 dpi, 1:1)
  3. TIF (min. 300 dpi, 1:1, CMYK, 8-bit, 1-layer)
  4. open files are not recommended – accepted only after prior approval from our DTP studio.

UV spot varnish

  1. smallet element must be at least 0,4 mm
  2. gap between elements must be at least 0,5 mm
  3. text must be at least 14pkt
  4. UV mask – its size must be exactly the same as main printed file and it must consist of black colour only (0C 0M 0Y 100K)
  5. there is a tolerance of 0,3mm between the surface and UV mask


  1. embossing layer must be submitted as vector
  2. maximum size of embossed element – 100x100mm
  3. embossed element size must be exactly the same as main printed file and it must consist of black colour only (0C 0M 0Y 100K)

Custom shape

  1. print layer: all artwork elements with 2mm bleed
  2. cut layer: cut line must be prepared as vector, with 0,0001mm size