Compact Discs: Master Preparation Guideline


  1. master can be submitted as a production-ready copy on CDR or DVDR. While submitting a physical master, please label it clearly “MASTER” on the disc surface, accompanied by artist name and release title.
  2. master can be submitted as a production-ready copy as DDP file with md5 checksum. It is also possible to submit the master as BIN+CUE, ISO or NRG files, but after prior approval from 8Merch team.
  3. a customer is strongly advised to keep a backup copy of the master
  4. master submitted to 8Merch must be prepared as a final release – we will replicate it to the total number of ordered copies.


  1. total playing time should not exceed 74 minutes and 44 seconds (according to The Philips Red Book), but it possible to press CDs with longer playing times. However, 8Merch does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the final product when the total playing time exceeds 78 minutes.
  2. total number of tracks should not exceed 99 and the minimum track playing time should be 4 seconds (according to The Philips Red Book).
  3. CD-Text / ISRC / EAN / UPC must be recorded onto the submitted master. Additional charges apply when 8Merch is ordered to insert the above mentioned codes / information.


  1. total maximum capacity of DVD-5 is 4.7GB (1 layer)
  2. total maximum capacity of DVD-9 is 8.54GB (2 layers)


  1. artwork can be printed with or without white background – please specify this option with your order
  2. colour specification: CMYK. Additional Pantone colours can be applied.
  3. resolution: min. 300dpi
  4. accepted file format: PDF. Other files format like EPS, TIFF, JPG are accepted only after prior approval from 8Merch team
  5. it is advised to convert all fonts to outlines. Minimum size: 5,5 pt (positive) and 6 pt (negative)
  6. trapping is required for image and line elements
  7. use this template to prepare disc on-body artwork