There is a lot of services that surround actual printing and pressing of your releases. We provide them both before or after we make your product. Working with several visual artists and graphic designers, we can take care of creating your artwork, but also digital presence. Having a huge experience and vast knowledge in the production field, we lead the whole process of preparation and execution of the manufacturing job.

With the finished product in hand, you can also outsource warehousing, promotional shipments, and order fulfillment to our team. We provide the space for stocking it and our infrastructure for shipping.



Working with design and manufacturing processes every day, we are well experienced in the field and can professionally support your production activities, even if the goods are not manufactured in our company. Outsourcing it to us may save you not only time and money, but also a lot of nervous and difficult moments with the pressing plant or printing house. What is also important, we also support you with our consultancy all the way through, so we make sure that the final outcome satisfy your expectations to the fullest.



When just outsourcing the shipping of your retail orders is not enough, you may also consider handing over the whole management of your webstore to our team. We will not only pack and ship, but also take payments, issue invoices, keep inventory, maintain product listing on-line and perform full customer service. You will just receive monthly reports and payouts.



We are very frequently hired to send pre-orders and retail on-line shop orders to end customers. We are given a list of orders or simply an access to the on-line e-commerce system as the fulfillment partner and we take care of the whole process – packing, securing, labeling and sending to any location worldwide using our international postal service or courier company.

We keep the stock in our warehouses for our clients, who do not have enough spaces in their own premises or who leave them here right after we manufacture them. Then they order us to drop ship some copies to distributors, music venues, shops or other retailers. It is quite a convenient way of managing the stock without getting down to the actual physical work.



We design for both print and digital. We are equally skilled in revamping the whole website but also in press advertisement design or a tour poster. If this is a new look & feel of your web presence, we produce user-experience and graphic templates. If this is a special packaging for your next album, we create test mockups and work on every element in respect to colour adjustment, finish options and overall usability. Always listening to you as the client and suggesting the best possible way.