Our team has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing both analogue and digital media. We are a one-stop shop for ordering your vinyl records, compact discs and audio cassettes. Everything from one place.

Whether it is a super limited edition of only 100 vinyls or a big order of 10 000 CDs in lavish digipacks, we got it covered. We can take care of the whole process from consulting to creative design to pressing your records, so no matter if you want it all or just a part of it, we can fulfill your need.


Optical disc is still the most common and most frequently bought physical music media. It provides perfect sound quality and really really long durability. Nowadays it actually serves two main reasons – it is your proper album release and also a piece of merch, equally important to concert goers as a t-shirt. It has compact size, huge capacity and endless artwork possibilities. It has everything your fan needs.

Hereby we present fully professional compact discs manufactured using glass master and replication technology. Our aim is to bring the highest quality possible to even extremely limited print-runs, so as to deliver indie artists and labels a top-notch product without any compromise. That is why we are one of the very few who offer CDs and DVDs starting from only 100 copies per release! The best part is that you can order any type of packaging for as few as 100 copies as you like – we have a wide selection of digipacks, digisleeves, wallets, vinyl replicas, super and standard jewel boxes, slim boxes and many more.



Announced dead many years ago, to surprise of many people on the market, vinyl has had its grandiose come-back for some time now. 2013 and 2014 bring record sales for this particular music media and fans around the globe appreciate its look and sound. The warmth of the analogue format and natural touch of the sound enclosed in the 10 inches of this disc are till appealing to those who appreciate music played from the real thing.

The most common and frequently ordered format is a famous 12″, which comes in variety of inner and outer sleeves, discobags, foldovers and gatefolds. The little sister (10”) features obviously less music in its grooves, but is still a beautiful way to release your tracks. The smallest in the family, a 7″, used to be a medium to release new singles, usually with a B-side bonus, not to be featured on an album it promoted. Nowadays, the vinyl single is not considered to be a trailer of an up-coming studio full-length record, but as a limited edition treat to your fans, very often released only on vinyl and hard to come by when sold out.

A vinyl record is particularly famous for its collector’s attributes. You can order a standard black record or a coloured one, with one, two or three colours mixed together in various patterns, creating unique and one-of-a-kind items. The records themselves can also be standard or heavy weight. Making a picture disc or an etching on one side is not a problem at all, either.

The inner and outer packaging options are very rich, too. From plain white or black discobags (especially popular with DJ singles) to fully printed sleeves and gatefolds. Frequently bundled with a compact disc or a download card for richer user experience.



Probably more looked at now as a piece of merch rather than a music media, the audio cassette got its second life, too.

There is a number of ways you can produce a tape. Transparent, white and black are standard colours you can order, but we have more than twenty other colours available on demand. When it comes to printing j-cards, the gallery of available papers is mind-blowing and you can choose either pad printing or high quality sticker to be placed on your tape.


When the standard digipack, sleeve, jewel box or gatefold is not enough, you should definitely check out our department with bespoke packaging for all above media, including rigid boxes, heavy slipcases, bundle sets, custom o-cards, die-cut covers, wooden boxes, metal cases and many more.