Getting the word out is one of the most crucial features of your marketing campaign. You need to make people hear about your band, label, live gig, management or services and there is no better way as to distribute this information via well-tested means: flyers, posters, postcards and many others. You can either use them as a stand-alone tool or as an add-on to your CD, LP, t-shirt or webshop orders.

We offer a wide range of printed materials, always on the highest quality paper with outstanding full colour print. Depending on how big your campaign is going to be, you can choose either a 90g A6 flyer in thousands of copies if you want to spread it in great numbers via many channels or a heavyweight 250g A1 poster if you really want to show it on the wall. There are hundreds of options in between, so you have the convenience of adjusting a product to your budget.



The simplest way to promote your release or show. We have a selection of standard sizes, from A7 to A3 as well as a number of custom ones, designed specifically to fit into a jewel box, DVD case, digipack or a record sleeve. Plus we can make any other size you like. What is more, you can also choose between various paper types.



No matter if you need thousands of them for your tour or a single copy to hang it on the wall, we can print posters on a number of paper types and sizes. You can choose the basic option with one side print and 100g paper or go for more fancy option with heavier paper and additional lamination.



These small pieces have really great marketing and selling power. We print them on paper, cardboard or plastic. They can be also laminated in gloss, matt or soft touch, enriched with selective UV varnish, embossing, foil hotstamping and more. Each card can have a unique download code, thanks to which you can use them as add-ons to your vinyl, CD or tape release or simply hand them out at live concerts.



Printed on heavy cardboard or plastic, it serves both as a promotional giveaway or special add-on to deluxe limited editions. With full colour print and additional lamination, the possibilities are quite endless.



We have a set of predefined tickets, which can suit the needs of very small live gigs of local bands or big events for thousands of attendees. Our tickets can be machine numbered and have a perforated piece to be torn off at the entrance to the venue.